Back To School Portraits

£39.00 - £58.00

  • Image of Back To School Portraits
  • Image of Back To School Portraits

As a mum of two myself I know that going back to or starting school has been a bit strange for everyone this year, so I wanted to offer these fun portraits to bring a little joy to the process.

Every new year at Primary School is a milestone in our children’s lives and they change so quickly that I want to create something to capture my own kids’ development. For me these fun portraits do exactly that and celebrate their uniqueness at every stage they go through.

The photography session will take place at their school and will adhere to all Covid regulations. Your child will have no contact with me, the photographer, only the teacher from their bubble.

The portraits cost £39.00 and includes 20 minute studio session, one (10 x 8 inch) print and two (5 x 6 inch) prints, which are perfect for relatives.

The digital file can be bought for an additional cost of £19.00. This will be sent via online transfer.

To allow me to create your child’s bespoke portrait when placing your order please can you provide me with the following nine details for your child:

1. Name
2. School Year
3. School name
4. Teachers name
5. Height
6. 3 thing they love
7. What they want to be when they grow up
8. Their age
9. Favourite colour

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Photography Portrait Session Fee
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